How to increase sales with corporate identity

Making your company more attractive in the eyes of potential customers is easier than you think. It is enough to turn to professionals and create your own new style

Despite the fact that branding came to our business life about four decades ago, very often there are situations when the company seems to be selling good products (services), managers are professional enough, but the influx of new customers is not high, and the visual image of the company looks old-fashioned and unattractive. And unfortunately, the main and most common mistake in this situation is the irresponsible attitude to the corporate identity of the company..

The corporate identity of the company is like your work clothes, your suit, in which you meet your customers. Corporate identity is what your potential buyer sees first ... with the corporate identity, the first impression of the company begins to form. And why not manage this experience with a professionally crafted corporate identity?
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Corporate identity is not only a logo and style-forming elements. This is a whole complex of visual (and sometimes audio-kinesthetic) stimuli that cause the brain of a potential consumer to perceive an object in a specific way. In this case the means of contacting your company with the consumer may be: business card, website, booklet, decorated office, corporate clothing, business offer.

Developing a corporate identity, we take into account the positioning of your company, the desired image of its perception, pricing strategy and other marketing tools; and graphic stylistics, color combinations are only means of achieving the goal of perception. Therefore, it is our smart design approach that provides maximum efficiency.

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Get up to 35% additional new customers

According to our data, corporate identity is able to provide an additional 35% of new customers by increasing the conversion from visitors to interested buyers

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